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K Scans Review

Reviewed: 2004-01-08
Quick site rank and complete review of K Scans | Categories: European, Fetish

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silver rank
Our Rating: 88/100

Quality of Content: 22/25

Purchase Value: 17/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 8/10

Content Variety: 8/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 4/5

Originality: 9/10

Navigation: 5/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: no

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

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REASON: We have bad experience with the company running this site.

Tour Promises

Nude & hardcore castings, extreme fetish photos and videos, behind the scenes content - all exclusive stuff, produced in high quality. Bonus access to 2 more sites.

My Opinion About KScans

The tour of Kscans.Com made me think I am about to enter some "babes" or "glamour" site, damn was I wrong :-) This is no doubt a pretty extreme fetish site, covering a wide area of hardcore fetish themes. In other words : if you are offended by pissing, fisting, bizarre insertions, gyno speculum and similar stuff, pack your shit now and run away as fast as you can :-)

No shit, this site is definitely not for the faint hearted :-) But those of you, who like extreme fetish porn, should really enjoy the stay at Kscans. The site is operated by an Eastern European model agency, particularly by it's two directors - Puppet Master & Captain K. All the models you will see on their site have posed exclusively for Kscans, so you shouldn't find this material anywhere else on the web. Sure you can find those girls on other sites, but these pics and videos are 100% original.

The fact that this site has two different directors, is easily to spot all over the site, as each of them shoots content in a different way. Captain K is the one who likes to push the boundaries and his work is getting more extreme, while The Puppet Master likes to convince 'new faces' models into their first nude casting. One more thing about the models, all of them are from Europe, mostly Hungary I think. I am sure you already know that Hungarian, actually European girls in general, look very hot and these babes are no exception :-)

The more extreme stuff (work of Captain K) is available in the "K-Angels" and "K-Bitches" sections. Refer to this one in case you like extreme pissing shots (even into mouth), bizarre anal insertions (how about some baseball bats or metal rods?), fisting, tampons (ever wondered how girls push that white "bullet" inside of their pussy? :-) well whatever. I must admit that I was almost disgusted by some of these shoots, and believe me I can stand a lot :-) But who am I to judge, afterall this extreme stuff was produced based on members requests.

The "K-Puppets" section on the other hand, contains a little bit more soft stuff. Expect a lot of solo posing, teasing and also some good ole' hardcore fucking (Puppet Master takes care of it himself :).

In total there are 36 different models available at this time, 16 of them in K-Puppets section. What I really liked about the babes presented at Kscans, was that many of them are actually famous nude or glamour models, but I have never seen them behave this dirty :-) To name just a few, you might know Cameron, Sophie Moon, or that tasty blonde babe Sandy. You can check out loads of thumbnailed pictures for each model (often several hundreds) and there are many video scenes available for more than half of the girls. Short info for every model is also a nice feature, it gives the site a personal touch.

Besides the extreme and posing stuff, there are also many "behind the scenes" pics. As far as the quality goes, I can't complain at all, pictures are offered in massive resolutions (up to 1280*1024) and the videos are very good also - the videos could be longer thou and I would surely rate this site higher if there would be an option to download entire scenes instead of short clips.

Site is updated every two days, so something new should be waiting for you everytime you visit - given that you won't like the site so much that you're gonna login every single day :-) There is also the option to get access to 2 more sites that these guys run, KPorn.Com (featuring much more of Puppet Master's work) and KLiveCam.com, but this rises the membership price by another 10 bucks.

Final Verdict

Kscans.Com is a very good site, in case hardcore extreme stuff is your cup of coffee. I can guarantee that you will not see such beautiful girls do such dirty and nasty things anywhere else. Sure there are many good fetish sites available, but I think the models at Kscans look the best. To sum it up : if you are into fetish porn (especially pissing), you like hot European babes getting down and dirty and if you are looking for high quality material, this is a site you shouldn't miss.

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Sample Pictures

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User Comments

2009 Mar 10, 16:37, Europa
very bad... small videos with poor quality... not updated often... DO NOT JOIN THIS SITE

2008 Aug 02, 10:42, UK
Whatever else, the lack of zip files for the pictures is a big negative feature - or rather, the lack of a feature!

2008 Mar 27, 06:09, highbrudge
needs more teens being satisfied

2007 Dec 07, 05:01, Aus
Fucking rubbish, promises far exceed what is delivered. No reply to complaints and email added to spam list. Do not join!

2007 Jul 06, 22:44, 33401
she turns me on

2006 Apr 01, 11:48, L.A.
Good works guys.

I like those girls !


2006 Feb 08, 05:18, Belgium
The best to this site is the punlicity, don't go inside.

2006 Jan 24, 09:24, Belgium
The best of KSCANS and al the satelite sites is the publicity.
Al the rest is poor and apposite to the publicity.
It is true that the ladys/livecam not walking by walking-stick, but maybe tomorow.
In the big brother house ar the cameras manipulated to nowhere
the videos in publicity ar not in the memberside, and their ar not any search tools included.

2006 Jan 03, 12:04, Germany
Dear guys,

please check our new offer for 10 sites for only USD 39.90 .

We are sure you will love this opportunity !

kind regards

2005 Dec 16, 23:54, usa
Waste of time. Difficult to navigate, site is very confusing. Video clips are very short and you never know what is being down loaded. Picture quality is good, but I aint paying for high speed internet for nothing.

2005 Oct 31, 23:08, Admin
Reply to "PissedOf": So you really believe we would give high rating to a site in exchange for some free shit??? Get a life man! I dont know what went wrong, but at the time of this review, KScans was a quality site, and if you look at the "user rating" for the site, it sits at 81/100 based on 100 votes, and that says something. You say 1GB of content is not enough, well, I dont remember the exact size of their archive, but keep in mind its all exclusive stuff they produce on their own, and as such has much higher value than some old DVDs anyone can buy. The only thing that bothers me thou, is that they play around with the bonuses too much, making it look like there is more than there actually is, so I will lower the rate of the site a bit.

2005 Oct 30, 22:00, Ripped Offsville
erm well firstly the advert said 6 sites for the price of one so I paid the extra $10 HOWEVER it is NOT true it is a TOTAL con. Watersports? I have not been able to find any watersports video hard or otherwise it seems they are stripping the KScans site to make other sites? Very unprofessional and I hope they lose all their members for being so greedy. As for the quality of the clips 768 kbps they advertise and i seen better quality on free TGPs
It looks like the high rating for the site has nothing more to do with the fact that they have offered free shit to webmasters that run pages like this. $39.90 for content of less than 1 gig TOTAL SHITE
- my advice DO NOT JOIN

2005 Jul 13, 07:55, In front of computer
If you're into very hard watersports and object insertion, this site is pretty good. However, the navigation is somewhat cumbersome, and the sex isn't believable, just fetishistic. The girls aren't really into it, but they're hot, which helps. All enthusiasm is feigned, except in very few cases. The videos are somewhat short, which is OK IMO, but the techno music has got to go. Not enough watersports content for my taste.

2005 May 26, 17:22, Sydney
DRM licences on all videos. Enough said. 4/10

2005 Jan 09, 08:28, Admin
Hanlonsrazor and Frank : If you got two comments, post them under the same nick and don't try to pretend you are two guys when you're the same person. As far as your comments go : I am sorry the videos didn't play, but it had nothing to do with DRM. My guess is that you are missing some codecs, in which case you should download them or get some good codec pack. I don't know what you'd consider a good photo quality, but if KScans has amateurish quality then you're either blind or got too high standards.

From the fetish sites I have reviewed, this one had the best looking babes, their content was in very good quality and I know many fans of the niche really like them. I guess your bad opinion was based on the unability to play the movies, but it is most likely your computer not configured properly.

2005 Jan 09, 07:49, Germany
@Hanlonsrazor - I agree absolutely! It's a complete con and a waste of money!!! Downloadrate is a nightmare and I have the same problems. The videos are not playable. 91/100 must be a joke!

My dissuasive advice: Do not join this site!

2005 Jan 09, 07:22, Europe
I really wonder about the high rating of this website! The quality of the fotos is amateurish, videos are not playable!

Maybe there is DRM on the vids, but you get no infos about that

This site is complete shit!

2004 Dec 16, 05:24, AT Work
very good,all love from germany

2004 Nov 09, 08:08, ny
it is not what htey say

2004 Oct 23, 13:59, Admin
Reply to Tom : Well I don't know Tom, when I was writing the review, I kinda liked the over quality of everything that was on the site. I am not sure about the music, I really don't remember how it was done :( I rated this site so high mainly because they have the best looking babes out of all extreme sites, I really haven't seen a site with better looking babes. I don't think it should be rated that low as you suggested, but I am really happy that you posted your comment, it gives a different opinion than mine and that's always a good thing.

2004 Oct 23, 02:03, California
Please lower the rating of Kscans! I wasted money from your review...The videos are attrocious! They are full of this pounding music, stupid special effects and over editing. Try beating off to them, and you're cuming and some dumb annoying animated effect suddenly comes on the screen! It's awful! Annoying unnatural and unrealistic editing and music...really destroys and sense of "being there". They even brag in the descriptions about the dialogue, or the pussy farts, or whatever, and then you watch the video, and all of the natural sounds are drowned out by the music! They have stunning women doing nasty stuff, but they are having all of the fun themselves! This site deserves no better than a 70 or 75, and for those of us who are exclusively seeking extreme video, and could care less about pictures, it deserves a ZERO!!

2004 Aug 02, 00:55, France
The best for fetish piss. The models are fantastic. A great site

2004 Aug 02, 00:23, Lille
Fantastics and horny models. A very great site

2004 Jul 21, 09:36, CT
Nice consistent quality pics. Closeups are clear and precise. Een the gyno shots are erotically done. I'd like to see more ATM and BDSM stuff.....REAL BDSM>>>not that fake hollywood shit.

2004 Apr 29, 06:44, uk
slow to update esp with scenes in sample vids

2004 Mar 16, 07:02, EU
How can so good looking girls model for such weird guys. I guess I should take the reviewers warning more seriously. Almost disgusting stuff inside.

2004 Mar 03, 06:58, Germany
A topnotch website with extreme content, featuring extremely nice and good looking models from eastern europe. Surfing the web for abot 4 years now, but I never saw a better site. Hence: 10/10 is my rating.

2004 Feb 29, 12:48, Miami
Most beautiful models I have ever seen.
Hardest stuff!

Good work guys!

2004 Feb 12, 18:09, new york
great pics